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How to Choose Couples’ Halloween Costumes

admin February 14, 2012
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If you’re lucky enough to have a hot date on Halloween, or even a friend or family member who wants to get all done up with you, you have the chance to create a seriously spotlight-stealing look. But before all that glitz and glory, you’ll need to sit down with your Halloween buddy and ask a few pertinent questions.

1. How do you want people to react?

Do you want to really scare the pants off people, get their juices flowing, or just make them laugh? Trying to mix scary and sexy or cute and irreverent may take away from your couples’ costumes’ impact. Choose the impression you want to make, whether it’s flirty, funny, or fascinating.

2. How much are you willing to invest?

You’ll have more fun as a pair when you level the playing field on funds. This way, you won’t feel competitive or jealous, and costs stay under control. Shop as a pair so you can hunt out the best bargains or stitch your look together as a team. (If you’re budget is particularly tight, consider checking out our Couples Costume Ideas to Make At Home, No Shopping Required post.

3. What’s your schedule?

Two people might mean two agendas, and you’ll want to show your couples’ costumes off to both your social circles. Plan ahead for practicality, and to make sure your ensembles will be comfortable and appropriate for various settings. A family party before a night out at the club might need a change of accessories or at least some layers for flexibility.

4. Who do you want to be?

Here’s the fun part, scouring magazines, headlines, TV, and the web for characters to imitate. Remember to mix originality with notoriety—neither one of you wants to explain the costume all night. Also, unless you want to be attached at the hip (perhaps even literally), consider what looks can work alone as well as in a pair. You might have more fun playing Barbie and Ken than the front and back of a donkey.

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