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Duo Halloween Costumes

admin July 20, 2012
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Ready to rake in twice the Halloween candy? Choose someone special and challenge your partner to a duo! You’ll have twice the fun and get twice the sugary loot. There are all kinds of options, from silly to sophisticated, so pair up and take your pick—just don’t say sidekick!

Ambiguously Gay Duo

Pull out of boring Halloween plans and get ambiguous as SNL’s man-loving, high-flying duo Ace and Gary. Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell bring big comic laughs when they put their heads together and the bromance doesn’t get better than Saturday Night’s spandex suited stud muffins. You and your friend-of-friends will stun in turquoise and gold, easily outshining other heroes and their significantly less fabulous primary palettes. Once appropriately outfitted, you can mount one another and take flight in ambiguously effective formations. Play as hard and long as you like, and suck down some stiff drinks, because this duo can keep it coming all night. And if that’s still not enough action, there’s plenty of fun to swallow at your neighborhood karaoke bar—though ambiguously enough, the clientele is almost always all dudes.

Bamm Bamm and Pebbles

Sure we call them ancient man today, but once upon a time in Bedrock, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm were just babies. If you’re feeling a Hannah-Barbara Halloween, this sweet and nostalgic look is fun in any era. And luckily, animal prints and bone-style accessories are still all the rage. So come on and rock out, everybody’s Yabba Dabba doing it! Partners in crime since the nursery, these two cave baby cuties are truly inseparable. Have the best Halloween in history wearing Bamm Bamm’s signature sabertooth vest and Pebbles’ precious wild print dress. Call all your friends on your shell phone and grab a fistful of clams for cab fare. But do consider sporting modern sneakers—you can dress like a caveman but it doesn’t mean you have the callouses for bare-footed living.

Barbie and Ken

Thinking pink? Every Barbie girl wonders what life is like inside The Dream House, and here’s your chance to find out. All you’ll need is a fixed smile, pots of lipgloss, and of course, your dreamboat of a boyfriend. Forget Skipper and your babysitting duties—it’s time to get in that petal pink convertible and put some wind in your hair. And once you’ve cruised to your heart’s content, why not check out some of Malibu’s best parties? The cutest play on this look is “boxed” Barbie with adorable, Mattel-style packaging and “what a doll” Ken with cutout coat. Be sure to keep your pout polished and complexion powdered, because being Barbie isn’t as easy as it looks. Though we think you’ll find life in plastic to be fantastic, especially with the right accessories. Order the Barbie & Ken Couples Costume Here!

Bert and Ernie

To some degree, we all grew up on The Street. Sesame Street may well be the most beloved children’s show of all time, often featuring grown-up celebrity guests like Jon Hamm, Michelle Obama, and Katy Perry. But out of all the quirky neighborhood denizens, Bert and Ernie (the very first Sesame Street puppets) are truly the most inseparable. Though they sometimes quarrel, there’s no love lost between these big-nosed best buds. With full plush yellow and orange masks and super stripy shirts, you’ll both look adorably educational. Accessorize your ensembles with big arm gestures, corny punch lines, and a little rubber ducky for Street savvy style. Better than puppets and not quite Muppets, you’ll have a very Jim Henson Halloween as you spell, count, and laugh your way to the perfect holiday.

Gumby and Pokey

Over the years Claymation has come a long way. But long before those Chevron cars and Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, there was Gumby and his trusty steed. Gumby and Pokey battled The Blockheads and kept company with the likes of Prickle, Goo, and Nopey the negative puppy. Now, you and a pal can go green (and orange!) as everyone’s favorite rubbery buddies. Start practicing your moves now, because Gumby and Pokey glide across the ground without the burden of joints and kneecaps. Full Gumby costumes feature head-to-toe attire that will stand out in a boring crowd of flesh tones. In all your gummy glory, why not try some dance moves? We recommend the Running Man and Electric Slide. Express your joy with hefty yellow eyebrows, big orange hooves, and childhood whimsy. Then, ride your bronzy burro into the dawn to play with clay another day.

Men in Black

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of them, J and K are back in black (again!). It seems their work is never done and galactic peace is never won. This Halloween, any number of freaky creatures could be plotting global annihilation. Keeping aliens in line is a tough job, but at least these two look good doing it. Think you can step into the suit? Pick a partner you can trust (preferably someone with elite athletic and tracking skills) and grab your Ray Bans. And because tailored black is universally fashionable, men and women from every world can pull it off. Together, you’ll party like it’s the end of the world and have so much fun that even a neuralyzer won’t be able to erase the memories. Order our Men In Black Couples Costume Here!

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

Feel like you’re never too old for Halloween? Then you never, never will be! This year when you plan your couples costume, think Tink! In spritely lime shimmers and pretty pixie wings it’s sassy little Tinker Bell! And of course, never far off is Peter Pan with a skip in his step and a feather in his cap. Inspired by a true Disney classic, this look is impossible to outgrow by its very nature, making it a fun choice for lost boys and girls of all ages. Pixies in training can play it cute with sparkles or get flirty with the flouncy fairy skirt—it’s your tale to enjoy! And hunter green looks great on every guy. But beware of enemies who want to get their hooks in you! With fairy dust and sweet dreams, the clock may never stop on your magical night. Order our Peter Pan & Tinker Bell Couples Costume Here!

Spartan Cheerleaders

It might seem like madness, but this is Sparta! (Sort of.) Straight out of SNL’s heyday, The Spartan Cheerleaders are legendary for their zeal and overall cluelessness. Made famous by SNL alums Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell, these matched cheer outfits are perfect for anyone who’s ever missed the mark. Though these Spartans were actually cut from the squad at tryouts, they’ll kick up fun and call out to the stands (even without an audience). Call them inspired or downright delusion, but these two will go, fight, win with or without permission. So if you’re up to the task, start practicing your two-man pyramid and some serious splits. With enough team spirit, you might just stick The Perfect Cheer! Get Spartan spiffy in red and black, with box-pleated skirt and very manly cheer trousers. Just add poise, pompoms, and one serious ghetto blaster!Duo Halloween Costumes, 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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