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Scary Couples Halloween Costumes

admin July 22, 2012
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Raring for a fright night? Take back Halloween horror in its purist form: creepy, marrow-freezing costumes. For double trouble, grab a friend and get ready to scare the masks off innocent trick-or-treaters everywhere. Better start practicing your maniacal villain laugh. Muahahaha! Now go scare up some fun. Be sure to check out our other Scary Couples Costumes after seeing the ideas below.

Cruella De Vil and Dalmatian

It takes a cruel devil of a woman to kidnap scores of precious puppies for the sake of misguided fashion. Why, even Beelzebub himself would soften in the presence of 99 fuzzy, barking babies. Between the curl in her lips and the ice in her stare, this Disney villain will terrify dog-lovers of all ages. Become evil incarnate in Dalmatian specked fur coat and a sprayed-on shock of white hair. Pair up with a sweet pup willing to fight for family and you’ll be the first Halloween couple to induce both shrieks of terror and shrieks of delight. “Bad woman! Good doggy!” Of course, if anybody’s gonna throw this determined Dalmatian a bone, it better be one of Cruella’s. Sound the Twilight Bark—it’s time for justice, doggy style! Order the Cruella De Vil & Dalmation Couples Costume Here!

Dracula and Vampiress

Remember when vampires were cool, sexy, and totally deadly? And remember when vampires didn’t sparkle in the sunlight, but rather, melted flesh first into an oozing pile of pus and bile? Even if teen sensationalism has robbed vampire lore of everything that made it dark and appealing, there’s no denying that Dracula is one vamp legend that won’t be sucked dry. Become one with the night as an original, bloodthirsty badass. Together with his gothy girl, Dracula can rule the night (and maybe creep out a few unsuspecting Twilight trick-or-treaters in the process). A real homage to the work of Bram Stoker, do the look sweet justice with Victorian flare, from velveteen layers, to shining brass buttons, and a bit of lace for romance. It’s time to raise the stakes and draw some blood (though we suggest corn syrup, as violent crimes can really ruin the holiday mood). Order this Dracula & Vampiress Couples Costume Here!

Gomez and Morticia Addams

True passion never dies and these two are the proof. Welcoming a disembodied hand, hulking giant, and very hairy cousin to their table, Gomez and Morticia Addams also have a flair for open-minded entertaining. So call them kooky, spooky, or all together ooky, but at least they have democratic manners. This Halloween, revive the undying Addams style in Gomez’s pinstriped suit and Morticia’s sexy black hobble gown. Though the neighbors might stare, part of being an Addams is a perfectly macabre sense of pride. Originally appearing in overtly political cartoons, today America remembers the Addams clan as gothic and strange but perfectly harmless. Still, if you catch friends off guard in full costume, we can guarantee an absolute scream. Just snap your fingers and the crowd will follow along (even if they have just one hand to spare). Order this Gomez & Mortica Addams Couples Costume Here!

Edward Scissorhands Duo

When a Swiss Army Knife just isn’t going to cut it, consider scissorhands. Yes, scissorhands, the one cutting tool that’s always at hand! What’s that? You think scissorhands may not always be practical in everyday life? But think of all the topiary you could trim, the perfectly angled haircuts you could style, and the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters you could frighten! Team up with a scissor sister (or brother) to tear it up this Halloween. With matched “hardware” and ripped up clothes, you’ll look scary and a little sympathetic. Just be careful as you reach for your keg cup—you don’t want to go poking holes in this night of freaky fun. And finally, remember mom’s warning, “Don’t run with scissors,” especially if they’re the only thing to break your fall. Order this Edward Scissorhands Duo Here!

Jack Skellington and Sally

Continuing in the Tim Burton tradition, here’s a bare bones look for those with more rags than riches. Though The Nightmare Before Christmas may sound like snowy holiday fun, it’s perhaps the cinema’s most successful celebration of Halloween. Scare tactics aside, the denizens of Halloweentown just want to love, be loved, and trade tricks for treats in town square. As bone king Jack Skellington, you’ll have an even spookier time with rag doll Sally at your side. Gentleman Jack wouldn’t be caught alive without his pinstripe suit and Sally’s quilted doll dress will have everyone in stitches. For added effect, bring along a pooch pal wearing a white cloth to play Jack’s dog, Zero. And be on the lookout for Oogie Boogie’s brat pack, Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Now this is Halloween! Order this Jack & Sally Couples Costume Here!

Joker and Harley Quinn

Heard any good jokes lately? How about some really bad ones? The king of sour punch lines has met his match with jester babe, Harley Quinn, and they’re ready to do serious damage in Gotham. Batman will need to keep up a poker face if he wants to discard this Halloween Joker. Men can try on The Joker’s iconic eggplant suit for themselves while hot harlequin women embrace the color-block craze in Harley’s checkered bodysuit. These strange bedfellows deal chaos and mayhem around town with perverse theatricality. Colorful and cruel, the pair met back in the Arkham Asylum—the perfect setting for insane passion. Take that crazy love for a spin out of the loony bin, but in your fearsome ensembles, don’t be surprised when you’re the only ones laughing. Order this Joke & Harley Quinn Couples Costume Here!

Biohazard Zombie Nurse and Biohazard Zombie Surgeon

Walkers. Creeps. Freaks. Zombies. Call them what you will, the walking dead don’t get caught up in semantics. Once relegated to B-movies and video games, today zombies can be found in books, popular TV, and summer blockbusters. And they don’t just hang around geeky convention halls; you can see brain feasting and blood splatter all over perfectly respectable town squares as cities host zombie walks and undead pub-crawls. To stand out in the crowd, you’ll need a truly nasty, gut-wrenching couples look, like the biohazard nurse and surgeon. With exposed organs and bile stains, these matched ensembles are infection perfection. Just add a little green makeup and blood capsules for believable horror. But beware: fanaticism and paranoia have given rise to real world “survivalism,” so don’t be surprised if some backwater redneck comes at you with a shock rod. Order this Biohazard Zombie Nurse & Zombie Surgeon Today!

Prince of Darkness and Hooded Gown

Ever thought of joining a coven? Test out “the craft” as The Prince of Darkness himself and his lady of the night. Hell’s hottest style includes a flame red robe with horn-accommodating hood and sleek black razored cloak for her. Have a wicked good time as you curse the righteous and drag enemies all the way to Hades. Truly evil couples may even want to spike the Halloween punch with eyes of newt, bat fangs, and other dark materials. Put a spell on any party and then summon devilish delights. Other key items could be ritual candles, red-hot pokers, and a playable copy of Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare. Though when the fun is done, be sure to set your alarm. You’ll need to be at church bright and early for all the repenting you rack up. Order this Prince of Darkness & Hooded Gown Couples Costume Here!

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